Photograph copyright Carlton Ward Jr. Flamingos in an isolated, shallow chain of lakes north of Flamingo Key. They aggregate in this location and no others nearby. The remote west side of Andros Island in the Bahamas is the proposed site of a new national park and marine protected area. From June 18-30, 2006, The Nature Conservancy, organized a team of 20 researchers to participate in an ecological assessment of West Andros in to define priorities for planning the protected areas. The multi-national team of biologists focused on sea turtles, flamingos, bonefish, geology, benthic ecology, fish ecology, plant commuities, reptlies and amphibians. The Nature Conservancy Bahamas office has rights to using this photography for its programs, but may not sell the photograph release it for use by parties outside of its immediate control without direct consent from Carlton Ward Jr. TNC publications with photo budgets, such as Nature Conservancy Magazine, TNC Calendar, and TNC annual report, must may standard rate for use. Whe photo is used, credit must be given "Photo by Carlton Ward Jr"